Holdin on to fall

I love fall.  I keep saying that phrase.  Normally I say it with enthusiasm but today hearing the weather report I say it with sadness.  The weather man's report for Montana speaks of snow on Thursday.  Hopefully it is just in the mountains but reality is the temperature will be dropping and so the turning leaves will be falling.  I spoke to a friend yesterday who proudly told me she uses her lawn mower to mulch her yard of leaves.  Not for me! I like to rake.  Strange isn't it. I want to jump in the leaves with my grandchildren, I want to do a heave ho of my youngest granddaughter into that mound of crunch.  I want to decorate my home outside and inside with pumpkins, leaves and glassware with the colors of fall.  I love harvest time.  Canning or freezing the fruits of our labor.  The wonderful sweet flavor of  the grapes from my arbor are so good.  I don't like the fact that the birds drop their seeds from their finds on the roof of my car!  Fresh applesauce and plum jam tempt my palate!  It just ends way too fast!  So I found this wonderful "fairy jar" on the internet.  I wonder if I could save some of fall in a jar for another day?  Oh, I guess not so I will just keep putting out pretty vintage things that show off my love of the season.  

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