A pretty for a Fall table

Just right for your fall table this retro condiment table delights the eye.  Just the right colors for Fall.  Use fall colored cloth napkins and charger plates in many colors.  What a table that would make! 
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Falling leaves

Peaches and cream, minks, laughter and cake are memories I hold dear.  I love fall.  I  loved it even as a child.  I remember running in the leaves before raking the red, orange yellow and brown of the front yard. The tree lined street we lived on arched over the cars as they drove down our street.  Later as a teen the city had to take away the beauty because of a massive attack of Dutch elm disease.  I remember standing at our front cape cod window watching them tumble down with tears streaming down my cheeks.  We were lucky, for we had an oak that stood tall in our front yard and a maple next door.  As a child I remember staking out the neighbors pear tree in the fall in the backyard.  I watched for a pear to drop to the ground and made my dart to capture it before the birds got to it.  I never saw Mrs. S peeking around the curtain watching me.  Years later she laughingly reminisced of catching me and delighting in watching my siblings and I steal her fruit.  Years later I fell in love and he and I walked the streets of town and went to the neighborhood parks to kiss under the maples and oaks.  We kissed under the trees  the buds of the flowering crabs in the Spring, trees green in the Summer, and later under the reds of Fall.  So when we married, of course, it was an  October  day  with autumn in full beauty.  Orange and red were not colors acceptable for my wedding so I chose peaches and cream for the roses that were so beautiful in the Fall.  Our day was not the normal weather of  the season.  We had sun, rain, wind, sleet and snow on our day.  Some told us it was an omen of happiness to come saying we could weather any storm.  We honeymooned seeing the colors of the season in Wisconsin.  We kissed under the same reds, golds and yellows again  that year and  for 39 years. I watched my husband and my blond haired  granddaughter rake the golden leaves in the front yard from my living room window as they frolicked jumping in those beautiful leaves. My love of leaves has come full circle.  I do so love Fall and its fluttering leaves reminding me of the cycle of life.