Falling prices

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Wow, did I luck out!  Good old Goodwill came through for me.  I looked at the ads on the day after the tree incident and everyone had patio items on sale and I was concerned I wouldn't find anything if I waited.  So I headed into town and instead of driving past Goodwill I decided to stop just to see if they might have some lawn furniture.  Surprise, they did!  They had 3 metal patio chairs prabably from a set and the price was $4.95 a piece.  What a steal!  They also had a chaise lounge for cheap as well-a very sturdy metal one that folds up for winter.  I went from there to Home Depot for cushions.  Not any I wanted but they surprised me and had the matching pots to the ones that were split.  Then to my surprise on the top shelf there set my chiminiea fireplace.  A perfect copy to my damaged one the kids gave me 2 years ago.  the clerk said they found it in the storeroom just that morning and put it on the shelf at 9 am.  It had no price and they had to do some searching.  I was delighted.  Then I headed to Lowes for cushions and they were there and on sale.  What a day!

A special find

I found the neatest old stove in an antique shop on Minnesota avenue to put in my vintage vegetable garden.  It is just the right size as it stands maybe 20 inches tall and has a flat surface on the top to rest a planter,  It  has one loose leg which my son will fix.  It should fit right in.  I have used some regular planters that are redwood color and green.  I set up the window box metal piece I have had for years.  I guess I am a true packrat. the greenhouse had a small rectangle plastic planter to set it in it.   A friend gave me some river rocks in various sizes.  I made the area look like cobble stones by burying them partially in the ground.  It had rained so it was a real soft, muddy mess but I just could not wait.  So the garden is starting to look nice.  The old metal  wheelborrow will hold the squash plants.  I love acorn squash so I hope to they do well. 

Wind, trees, plants and Collectibles

Well, my life has again changed.  I came home last Saturday to find a third of a tree down on my flowers and seating area.  My wrought iron  chiminiea fireplace, yes that is what it is called, was ripped apart and ruined.  The pots were torn in half and the chairs smashed and broken.  Nothing is covered by insurance  unless the house shows damage.  The irony is that it had finally been completed and I was so pleased with myself and sat down to enjoy it just the night before.  It can all be replaced, it is just "stuff" but how frustrating.  My vintage area was just toppled by the wind so it was okay.  I guess I will be busy in the next days.