Wow, did I luck out!  Good old Goodwill came through for me.  I looked at the ads on the day after the tree incident and everyone had patio items on sale and I was concerned I wouldn't find anything if I waited.  So I headed into town and instead of driving past Goodwill I decided to stop just to see if they might have some lawn furniture.  Surprise, they did!  They had 3 metal patio chairs prabably from a set and the price was $4.95 a piece.  What a steal!  They also had a chaise lounge for cheap as well-a very sturdy metal one that folds up for winter.  I went from there to Home Depot for cushions.  Not any I wanted but they surprised me and had the matching pots to the ones that were split.  Then to my surprise on the top shelf there set my chiminiea fireplace.  A perfect copy to my damaged one the kids gave me 2 years ago.  the clerk said they found it in the storeroom just that morning and put it on the shelf at 9 am.  It had no price and they had to do some searching.  I was delighted.  Then I headed to Lowes for cushions and they were there and on sale.  What a day!

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