The vintage garden

I have been having so much fun preparing my vegetable garden.  I just want a small number of plants so I decided to go with vintage hand me downs I find in shops.  My center focus is a a long planter a friend was getting rid of that was at the end of the bed,  It is metal and has wonderful curved legs and will be the back drop for the area.  I also found a ice cream metal chair for cheap that I am going to use.  Each time I get out to look I find new items.  So much fun!  It is getting hot so I had better get out there to work on the area.  I promise I will take pictures so you can see.

Where do you like to go looking for collectibles?

What kind of store do you like to go looking for antiques and collectibles?  I like all kinds from a nice antique store to a Goodwill or Salvation Army store.  I really like the messy ones.  The ones that you have to peer around and under to see what is there.  I also like the antique stores that are multi kind for looking.  Give me an antique mall with lots of types of  collectors.  I love the hunt and finding unique pieces of history.  The finding of things that the shop owner did not think was anything but something pretty or unusual to display but they saw it as having little value.  I like finding something that someone says "I never saw that.  Where did you find that?" You know those bins from the back of Goodwill brimming full of items sitting in the aisle waiting to be put on the shelf.  Looking before they are shelved is a delight.   That's the joy of the hunt.  You know, I have an extra hour today maybe I'll head to Goodwill.  A hunting I will go, a hunting I will go.  

well here we go!!

Life has changed a bit since my last post.  I have been asked to watch my grandkids for 2 days of the week.  Of course I said yes!  My granddaughters are 8 years and 8 months so it gives me a bit of time with both.  Yesterday I played baby from 7 am to 3 pm and loved it!  The 8 year old just was there for 45 minutes but the little one was all day.  So much fun !  But, oh do I have to baby proof the house.  She rolls everywhere not quite crawling but she gets places anyway.  So much for working on the shop.  Getting organized is my next job after cutting the grass etc, etc, etc!
What do I love?  Hmm, I love milk glass!  Display it can be tricky because it is only white.  So I have displayed my pieces with some black glass and a bit of figurines.  I love the different habits of the nun figurines so I tuck those in among the pieces.  It sure makes the look striking.
May 2
      I stopped into one of my favorite antique malls in Billings today, Yesteryear Antiques.  I found a pretty satin yellow Fenton bowl with a candleholder in side it.  Very unusual, as I have never seen the design before.  Fenton glass is so pretty and I seem to be drawn to that glass where ever I go.

May 3
       I had a good chuckle at the mall yesterday.  Two ladies were looking at items and the younger friend kept seeing a new item to look at.  Each time she ran to see something  (and I do mean ran) she said to her friend, "Oh, look Brittany, come see what I found!"  Her friend would dutifully come and see what she wanted her to see.  She jumped from shop to shop never seeing the same type of item to show her friend.  She giggled with glee and her enthusiasm was so contageous.  Finally her friend said, "can I look at something!  Slow down!"  The atmosphere was so contagious and we all just broke out laughing.  She just exclaimed, "but I love it all!"  Have you ever been that excited to look around a shop like her?  I have.  It was a real adrenalin rush!