Where do you like to go looking for collectibles?

What kind of store do you like to go looking for antiques and collectibles?  I like all kinds from a nice antique store to a Goodwill or Salvation Army store.  I really like the messy ones.  The ones that you have to peer around and under to see what is there.  I also like the antique stores that are multi kind for looking.  Give me an antique mall with lots of types of  collectors.  I love the hunt and finding unique pieces of history.  The finding of things that the shop owner did not think was anything but something pretty or unusual to display but they saw it as having little value.  I like finding something that someone says "I never saw that.  Where did you find that?" You know those bins from the back of Goodwill brimming full of items sitting in the aisle waiting to be put on the shelf.  Looking before they are shelved is a delight.   That's the joy of the hunt.  You know, I have an extra hour today maybe I'll head to Goodwill.  A hunting I will go, a hunting I will go.  

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  1. Soooo you can sing too!!!!!!! Wink! Isn't it fun finding things shop owners did not like or thought wasn't anything at all? I try to see the beauty in everything. I've collected for many years. Some I inherited and some were given to me. Some I just bought here and there. Mostly now though I shop right from my study chair in front of the big screen computer looking out onto my rose bushes and the sailing clouds in the sky. Ahhh is there any better way? I love scouring the internet and finding auctions and sales doing research as I go. I can honestly say that I have not purchased an item from a physical shopping spree for over a year now and I love that.