Being wierd, Being vintage

I went out to my car to load something into it and coming down the sidewalk was a little boy about 9 years old.  Dressed in jeans, a helmet, wearing knee pads and carrying black roller blades.  I smiled and he smiled back.  I said" Gee you  look ready for fun!"  He smiled a bit weary and said ,"Uh, I'm taking these to my friend over there so we can play."   I looked at him and smiled.  "That can be alot of fun", I said.  "When I was your age I skated too", I explained.  He asked, "Like these? Were they black?"  I laughed out loud and proceeded to explain that my skates had a skate key that made them open up and then they clamped on my shoe.  I tried to describe the roller skates of my childhood days ending with telling him about my skating experience up two steep streets and then down the other nice sidewalk hills to start over again right next to Lake michigan.  He looked at me puzzled and  Quickly said, " That's wierd!  Sounds really old.  I have to go. Thats just wierd! Bye."  Off he went to roller blade and I stood there wondering when I got to be so strange and old.  Sometimes being vintage is not a good thing.  On the other hand someday he may remember that wierd gray haired lady who told him about how she skated with keys and decide to collect vintage roller skates!

Here it is Remember?

Oh the memories looking at this cover!

Happy reading,Happy memories

Remember those favorite books you read when you were younger.  I read Hardy books, Nancy Drew, Clara Barton Nurse of the Red Cross, the Sue Barton nurse series, The Silver skates and the boxwood children.  Oh my, I could go on and on... One of the first books I remember is Nurse Nancy from Golden Books.  It came with bandaids inside and I read it over and over.  Here is a picture of it I found on the net.  There are so many quality books out there for children to explore that are vintage.  how about the Happy Hollisters.  They had so many adventures.  My grandson is reading the boxcar children.  Remember them?  They were forced to live in a boxcar and I poured over every book in that series.  What adventures they had and now my grandson is loving them.
Here is Hazel.  She was quite a character but always smarter than everyone else. boy, I am dating myself.  1961 to 1966
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ABC's of Love

Blessed Mother Teresa's   "ABC"S"

Always have the courage to say sorry
Be kind, be compassionate
Control your judgements
Don’t let yourself get discouraged
Every minute is precious don’t waste your time
Find out what is nice in each other
Give until it hurts
Have deep respect for each other
If you really want to love God, love one another
Just do small things with great love
Keep your heart clean
Learn to pray, love to pray, and pray often
Make time for each other in your family
Never tell lies
Only believe you are precious to HIM
Put love in whatever you do
Quite alot of people have forgotten what love is, so begin to give the joy of loving
Refrain from prejudice
Smile at each other
Take the trouble to listen
Use your talents for the glory of God
Very often, we look but we don’t see. Let us look AND see
When humiliation comes, accept it and offer it
eXcuse rather than accuse
You must learn to forgive
Zeal is a second name for love. Do not lose that zeal!
                                           Ave Maria Meditations