May 2
      I stopped into one of my favorite antique malls in Billings today, Yesteryear Antiques.  I found a pretty satin yellow Fenton bowl with a candleholder in side it.  Very unusual, as I have never seen the design before.  Fenton glass is so pretty and I seem to be drawn to that glass where ever I go.

May 3
       I had a good chuckle at the mall yesterday.  Two ladies were looking at items and the younger friend kept seeing a new item to look at.  Each time she ran to see something  (and I do mean ran) she said to her friend, "Oh, look Brittany, come see what I found!"  Her friend would dutifully come and see what she wanted her to see.  She jumped from shop to shop never seeing the same type of item to show her friend.  She giggled with glee and her enthusiasm was so contageous.  Finally her friend said, "can I look at something!  Slow down!"  The atmosphere was so contagious and we all just broke out laughing.  She just exclaimed, "but I love it all!"  Have you ever been that excited to look around a shop like her?  I have.  It was a real adrenalin rush!

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