gardening in vintage

Fall is here and it is time to clean up my vintage garden.  Using vintage items in the garden has been so much fun this year.  I actually have had vintage items in my garden for years.  This cream separator has been a member of my yard for years and always finds itself full of flowers each summer.  Obviously my lab finds it a restful area to just relax near. My stove actually came with the house and in pieces.  We put it together and hopefully I never have to move the jigsaw puzzle and put it back together again!  this year I made a vegetable vegetable garden area and had some success gaining a few tomatoes, 2 whole cucmbers and some peppers in red and yellow.  I had a few failures like the peas that did not like their new home location and the squash that lost to the volunteer moss roses but still I think it was a success.  I will do it again next year. It was fun finding the iron pieces to put out in that garden.  Fits right with what I love!

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