Most people head to the second hand store looking for items to buy but I also look for “the lookers”.  I enjoy browsing at next to new shops, The Rescue Mission, Goodwill and Salvation Army.    I love to watch people picking through the shelves of the Goodwill Store.  I have kind of categorized the people.  There is the   ”select picker”.  They lean over slightly with their hands on their back or at their side and they only pick up if they are truly interested.  When they pick up they don’t scrutinize the item they just take it.  There are the “lookers” who wander but never touch.  They just tip their head from side to side or elongate their neck to see the upper shelf.  They never seem to find anything to buy or hold.  Then there are the “grazers”.  They pick up, set down and pick up again.  Glance at the item and put it back.   Their cart usually has only one or two items in it.  Then there are the “grazers” who pick up everything they like and put numerous items in the cart and after they walk through the aisles they go back and put half the cart back on the shelf.  The ones I always am amazed at are those who are not intimidated by the search.  They are willing to spend an hour checking out the tubs piled high with items not on the shelf yet  or search piles of clothes to see what is at the bottom.  I call them the “bottom finders”.  Often they find a goodie way down underneath that no one else ever even saw.   And finally   there are the “collecters” who selectively look at items checking the bottom for marks or ringing   the edge looking for nicks.  You see them in there a lot and some days the cart is full and some days they leave empty handed.  The clerks know them and they exchange a hi or a smile.  Next time you head to the Goodwill Store play the treasure hunter game and see how many of the “lookers” you can identify.

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  1. I love this post lol You have certainly nailed it down, it made me smile reading it!