Happy Birthday's are a part of everyone's life and they definitely come and go.  We  often hear in the news what star, political figure or singer is celebrateing their special day.  With the last name of Kappelhoff  you might not even react when you hear she turned 90 yearsold  the other day. Her dream at 15 to have a career in dance was destroyed in a car accident. She spent several times in her life fighting depression, went on the road singing at 17, married young to a "psychopath musician" according to her memoir and won one Oscar.  She found love again and married for 17 years. After he died she found out he had embezzled all of her life earnings.  And yet she kept on smiling.
She started singng in clubs, on radio and later sang with the Les Brown big band of the 40's.  She became well known as a recording star on records . She was this perky lady who actted across from Cary Grant and many other leading men.  Have you guessed who it is?   She sang the song "Day by Day" and changed her name to Day because of the lyrics. Of course, by now you recognize her as doris Day.  That's right she turned 90 on April 3rd.    Can you remember the first time you saw her in a movie?  Her perky face, wonderful ability to be the "straight man" or should I say girl.  the won the Oscar for Pillow Talk but she made 30 movies from Calamity Jane to Julie and lastly "With six you get eggroll".   What a gift she gave us.  Watching those movies now I realize how timeless they are.  Thank you Doris for being willinging to put yourself out there and share your talent with us.

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