Congratulations TCM and Robert Osbourne!

I love chocolate and the outdoors.  I love people and   wildflowers. But my   all   time love beyond my husband and family is old films.  I am an old   movie junkie.   They make me cry, laugh, sigh and think.  They fill my day with the sounds, actions and music of a time gone by.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I also love some new movies as well like Argo and Lincoln to name a few.   I enjoy that those old movies have so much content. They share their family,   values ,  their adventures and their troubles.  Life’s messages come on a reel of black and white or color.  Songs are sung with dance or opera or rhyme.  You get to travel to Africa, Australia and other places unknown.   

Being a lover of vintage I enjoy seeing the sets and fashion.  I also have watched the movie houses being closed and torn down. I read the obituaries of the film stars of the past.   I have read the stories of the loss of film destroyed by fire or fading away from light and dirt.  Twenty years ago that started to change when TCM was born from the idea of opening up the vaults and showing again those films of the past,  With that came the possibility of raising funds to digitally preserve those icons of the past.  It opened the door for me and others, young and old to enjoy another time and world.  Wise people found Robert Osbourne  to host the show with his wit, knowledge and connections to the industry.  So as TCM turns 20 years old I will say the slogan that seems so trite but true, “thanks for the memories”.   
Happy 20th Birthday

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