As I watch the contributions one man gave the world some thoughts come to me.
One small soccer ball and one simple gesture from a man  changed a country.
Imagine what could happen if each of us thought of ONE move to make
In the US wearing a team jersey is an act of pride
In South Africa that action spoke of reconciliation.
It became the first step of acceptance of the hated.
One act of allowing the world to hear of his son's' HIV
changed every  "HIV leper" into someone worth knowing and  gave HOPE to a whole country.
Just a few sentences changed so many
What could we do in our life that would do the same?.
One man spent 27 years, 9850 days in  jail and  still found a way to meet the challenge of   loving  his enemy.
He spent another 23 years, 8395 days meeting one person at a time, changing attitudes and teaching acceptance with love.
Imagine what could happen if each of us met 365 people in a year and met them with love and acceptance.
What a change that would be to our world and there's.
Nelson Mandela was no angel, he had flaws just like all of us.
His gift was his ability to move on, to live the law of love and illustrate it to all of us.
One handshake at a time, one soccer game jersey,  or one carefully worded sentence at a time.
Imagine what the rest of us could do if we followed his example.     

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