NO, not that!

We are all in trouble.  The rules are about to change.  The battle of man verses machine is about to   change.  We are losing, I am sad to say.  To make it worse we can’t even protest.  It is so scary.

Remember   when you were going on vacation and the fight was on for the window seat in the car?  Remember when as a kid   no one wanted to take the garbage out and   you all decided   with a game who will take the stinky bag out.    Having a 9 year old granddaughter who has to make the big decision of does she want mac n’ cheese or ravioli for lunch reminds me of my childhood.  She pulls out the often used decision maker, “ennie, meanie, miney, moe”   and ravioli is the big winner.  The song is a bit different and to be honest much less racist that I grew up with but for children everywhere it still works.

But now with sadness I must tell you that soon the world of decision making for all will change.  Science has done it.  They have taken a bit of our childhood and are in the process of ruining it.  It has been announced that they have made a machine shaped like a hand that can play “rock, paper, scissors” with you and it wins 99% of the time.  It reacts to the movement of your muscles and can tell what you are going to show.  How dare they ruin everything!  Will the child in the back seat pull out their handheld scissor hand and win the seat by the window every time.  I think we need to protest!  I think I will start a petition   against the ruining of this long time game. We can’t let science and machines ruin this time honored game.   Let’s keep the child in rock, paper, scissors.  Let’s keep the “ hands” in the rock and the scissor.  We need sanity.  Won’t you help fight this atrocity!

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