Gifts of love

Love...remember how you felt when you first fell in love?  I fell in and out of love in high school and eventually married my high school sweetheart several years later.  I remember the trip to the fair where my love gift was earned at the shooting range booth.  I remember the French valentine attached to my locker at school.  He was so proud of his being able to write Amour on it.  The gifts have changed over the years and so did the celebration.  I remember the romantic meals on the set up card table in the living room with fancy glass candlesticks and burnt food.  One year I got my Fontanni nativity set on the seat of the car after he  faked a sprained ankle and sent me out to retrieve something on the seat.  The homemade chocolate cake he made and put on a cut-glass plate that was more crumbs than cake.  As the years went on the creativity changed but the gift was never forgotten.  It could be jewelry, a pretty vase, a piece for my collection or a bouquet of flowers.  Many times I told him,  "just bring me one rose,  you   don't have to buy a whole bouquet" but he always said  " You are worth more than that, honey".  My favorites  are the homemade cards he  made when we were too broke to buy anything.   Such wonderful days and how wonderful to be loved. The lesson learned for me is the gift doesn't have to be from Kay's Jewelers, or from the florist it can be something small or tenderly written because it is about the action rather than the amount spent.  Happy Valentine's Day, honey.

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